July 15, 2020

We have all found ourselves thrown into uncertain times, and many have experienced tremendous loss. For those of us still fortunate enough to have our health, homes, jobs, and businesses, it has regardless been the most stressful camping vacation most of us have ever had to plan. As the owners of a small family business, and like many of you, we have been waiting on pins and needles for any breaking news regarding this summer’s camping season. Worldwide, National, Provincial, local, and industry-specific regulations can be slow to roll out, complicated, confusing, and subject to change at any given time. No one can truly predict the future of this virus. Treading slowly and carefully through all of this uncertainty is the price we pay for the safety of our loved ones, and we of course must protect those who serve the public. Campers have so far been awesome… patiently waiting to see where things are going this summer, and the few cancellations that we have had were made by polite, warmhearted, and understanding humans. Thank you.

We have created this page to keep you informed, to the best of our knowledge, as to the current status of the 2020 camping season at Cymbria Campground. Like the virus itself, however, some info on this page should not be relied upon 100% as things can change at any time. Please check back often for updates.

We are currently working on this page…please come back soon.