Not at all. This will be the 10th year with our contract policy BECAUSE IT WORKS. We have the most laid-back and peaceful atmosphere of any campground in the area during the CBMF because everyone is on the same page (BY CHOICE). Our campers still have a great time, meet new friends and party together, play/ sing their favorite country music songs, and yes, sometimes have a bit too much to drink (just as you would expect during a festival). The only time we ever run into problems is (the rare case) where someone agreed to the contract without reading it (and get here expecting a free-for-all 72 hour drunk-fest), or those who read it and come anyways thinking that no-one would dare tell them what to do (we have and we will evict them ASAP). The big difference for us is that we save the whole argument of “nobody told us we had to…” and are able to keep our end of the contract.