Are the CBMF prices listed for the day or for the weekend?2019-03-13T21:03:25-03:00

All prices listed on the CBMF page are for the weekend (for up to 4 nights).

How do you pronounce Cymbria?2019-03-13T20:58:38-03:00

SIM (like “simple”) + BREE + AHH

How late can we show up for a reservation?2017-11-10T18:07:25-04:00

Our office closes in the off-season at 8pm, 9pm regular season, and 10pm on peak-season weekends. Please schedule your arrival before these times. If you are unable to make it on time, please ensure that you call us at 902-963-2458 during business hours to let us know that you are running behind, and we can USUALLY have someone meet you on arrival (BEFORE MIDNIGHT). We are not responsible for late check-ins past midnight, nor can we accommodate anyone who does not bother to notify us beforehand and just “shows up”. Please be aware that due to our automated security gates you can not just simply drive in and hook up without first being issued  a pass. Late check-ins should use minimum setup to avoid disturbing others.
NO-SHOWS: Contact us beforehand that you will be unable to make your reservation on time and we will gladly hold your reservation for your entire reserved dates (missed dates must still be paid for).  Anyone who has not contacted us beforehand and has not checked in by 10am on the second day of the reservation will be considered as a no-show. In such case, your entire reservation will be charged to your card and your reservation will then be cancelled. We reserve the right to re-rent your site without compensation due. We can not guarantee that we can accommodate you should you show up after this time. It is for these reasons that you should examine your confirmation email carefully to ensure that we have the correct dates for your reservation. People sometimes call us and claim that they cancelled “ages ago”…please be aware that if you cannot provide a “cancellation number” then you did not cancel.

Can we get several sites next to each other?2017-11-10T19:36:29-04:00

USUALLY this is not a problem. Please mention that your group would like to be together and we will do our very best to make it happen. Please note, however, that there are never 100% guarantees in either life or campgrounds.
On a separate note, please be aware (respectful) of the added noise/ disruption levels that several sites getting together can create for your neighbors. Large groups with no previous history may be subject to a larger than usual deposit and/or other conditions.

How many people & tents are allowed per site?2017-11-10T19:33:04-04:00

All of our rates are based on one tent or trailer for 2 adults and 2 children (<16), OR up to 3 adults.

Any additions to the base rate are subject to additional fees ($5+tx/ night extra person or tent). Children under 3 are free.

Un-serviced and 2-way (power & water) sites have a maximum of 4 adults and 1 extra tent per site.

3-way trailer sites have a maximum of 6 adults.

Families with an extra large group of children may require a second tent or 2-way site in order to accommodate the extra equipment as well as to allow for a noise/activity “buffer” in consideration of your neighbors. Please enquire.

How far are you from the CBMF concert site?2017-11-09T04:32:29-04:00

We are normally a 15 minute drive to the concert site, although please allow for extra traffic during the festival.
Shuttles and taxis are also available options.

Do you have Shuttle or Taxi Service during CBMF?2019-11-24T22:44:02-04:00

Yes, both Shuttle AND Taxi services are available (for an extra fee).
The shuttle is operated by the Maritime Bus company, and offers scheduled pick-ups to and from the concert site. As a convenience to our campers, shuttle bracelets may be purchased at the campground office/store. Maritime Bus has not yet established their prices, but in 2019 they were $30/ day or $78/ weekend (+tx). (TBA)

Can I go to the washrooms after the 1am shutdown?2019-11-02T01:35:25-03:00

Of course you can! You can expect to draw security’s attention, however, if you are being too loud on your way to or from the washrooms after 1am. The washrooms are available all night “for business purposes” only.

Don’t you think you’re taking things too far with the contract?2017-11-09T22:37:13-04:00

Not at all. This will be the 10th year with our contract policy BECAUSE IT WORKS. We have the most laid-back and peaceful atmosphere of any campground in the area during the CBMF because everyone is on the same page (BY CHOICE). Our campers still have a great time, meet new friends and party together, play/ sing their favorite country music songs, and yes, sometimes have a bit too much to drink (just as you would expect during a festival). The only time we ever run into problems is (the rare case) where someone agreed to the contract without reading it (and get here expecting a free-for-all 72 hour drunk-fest), or those who read it and come anyways thinking that no-one would dare tell them what to do (we have and we will evict them ASAP). The big difference for us is that we save the whole argument of “nobody told us we had to…” and are able to keep our end of the contract.