Camping in PEI

Trent and Cindy welcome you to Cymbria Campground! We are a full-service campground with 95 sites on 31 acres in rural Cymbria PEI. We are in the heart of Anne’s Land/ Green Gables Shore, surrounded by beautiful scenery and pristine beaches,  and just the right distance away from the busy tourist attractions.
Our central location is ideal for touring the Island, with just about everything PEI offers only a short drive away.

Cymbria Campground has some of the largest RV sites on PEI (30 amps). We can easily handle the Big Rigs and offer numerous pull-thru sites.  Our 2-way and un-serviced sites range from sunny to wooded and private. All sites are grassy and come with picnic table and fire pit.

We offer a wide variety of facilities, activities, and services. We do NOT have camp sites that are directly on the water or the beach. Our beach access is a 200 yard walk across the street. It is a private, shallow bay beach that is perfect for quiet walks and clam digging. We have wireless internet (WiFi) throughout the campground. We are kid friendly. We are pet friendly. Responsible owners only (in either case) please.

Is This The Campground For You?

We are travellers too. When we go camping somewhere new, it's very hard to tell just from a website or brochure as to what exactly we are going to find when we get there. While we are not "all things to all people", we think that you should be able to get the general "flavor" of Cymbria Campground just by taking the time to explore this website. And please, don't feed Bob's dog.

The most frequent compliments we receive? The campground is spotlessly clean. We love it here. The campground is quiet and un-crowded. Everyone is so friendly. Best campground ever!
There are some people, however, that don't like it here and who would be better off elsewhere. Please read on to make up your own mind.


  • You have a good sense of humor
  • You are friendly and outgoing, love to have fun, meet new people and have new experiences, AND expect appropriate respect and tranquility for both you and your neighbors
  • You brought your family along so that you could spend quality time with them
  • You love nature and strive to leave a small footprint
  • At 101 years old, you are reminded at check-in that quiet time is 1:00 am, and you are not offended. In fact, you are grateful that everyone gets treated equally, and that everyone is on the same page
  • At 101 years old, it's a real bummer to shut it down at 1:00 am sometimes


  • You are here to get sh**faced and PARTAAY! No room for you here bye bye.
  • This is your one and only weekend off this summer. It's all about you. You paid your 30 bucks so you've bought the right to do whatever you want and the hell with everyone else.
  • You arrive with pre-existing personal problems and feel it is appropriate to take it out on our staff
  • You brought your family so that the campground staff could babysit your children day and night
  • The ONLY reason you are going camping is because it's cheaper than a motel. You expect a maid to come along behind you and clean up your mess.
  • You are deeply offended that someone yelled at you for speeding, and don't understand that we care much more about small children than about your feelings
  • You don't think that the rules apply to you
  • You don't like the rules. If you don't understand a rule, the campground is stupid and not you
  • You do not have a good sense of humor

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